Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Tasks and Powers of the Dean

- 2018/02/19


Tasks of the Dean

  1. Administrative and Financial Affairs:
    1. Heading the College Council, supervising the organization of its affairs, convening its sessions, implementing its decisions and sending the minutes thereof to UQU President.
    2. Implementing the rules and regulations of the Higher Education Council.
    3. Achieving the supreme objectives and policies at Umm Al-Qura University (UQU).
    4. Implementing decisions of UQU Council in relation to the College.
    5. Supervising the preparation and following up the implementation of the strategic plan of the College.
    6. Supervising the administration of the College's educational, research, administrative, financial and cultural affairs.
    7. Developing the administrative, academic and research affairs of the College.
    8. Coordinating and developing the College’s relations inside and outside UQU.
    9. Supervising the provision of all the educational, research, administrative and financial requirements of the College.
    10. Evaluating the performance of the College's vice-deans, academic department heads and affiliated unit directors and heads.
    11. Preserving the fixed and movable property of the College.
    12. Coordinating the work and implementing the recommendations of the College’s Advisory Board.
    13. Working on development and reinforcement of the College's independent financial resources and improving its mental image.
    14. Supervising the planning and preparation of the College’s budget.
    15. Forming the necessary committees to perform the work of the College.
    16. Preparing a comprehensive periodic report on the progress of the study and the academic, administrative and research performance in the College, and submitting it to UQU President.
    17. Informing UQU President, on the basis of the reports and notes of department heads, of all violations of duty or any other irregularities committed by staff members and the like.
    18. Submitting disciplinary matters with respect to students and affiliates of the College in accordance with the rules and regulations.
    19. Carrying out the functions assigned to him/her by the College Council.
    20. Representing the College inside and outside UQU.
    21. Implementing the tasks assigned to him/her by UQU Council or President.


2. Academic Affairs:

  1. Supervising the progress, implementing the plans and developing the academic programs of the educational process.
  2. Applying rules and regulations of quality, evaluation and academic accreditation.
  3. Supervising the various student activities in the College.
  4. Monitoring the performance of examinations and discipline within the college.
  5. Encouraging research in the different specialties of the College.
  6. Working to establish academic links with educational institutions inside and outside the Kingdom.
  7. Supervising the recruitment of staff members in the College.
  8. Supervising the application of plans and academic programs in the College.


Dean’s Powers:

  1. Selecting vice-deans and academic department heads, and submitting their appointment recommendation to UQU President.
  2. Approving the minutes of the meetings of the departmental councils and having the right to object to the decisions thereof within 15 days from the arrival date.
  3. Implementing the recommendations of the College Council.
  4. Issuing the internal decisions required by the proper functioning of work at the College in accordance with the rules and regulations.
  5. Approving job performance reports prepared by the College’s vice-deans, department heads and administrative unit directors regarding the affiliates thereof.
  6. Approving the granting of regular, compulsory and special leave for the College’s affiliates, and informing the Deanship of Staff Members’ and Employees’ Affairs according to the system.
  7. The delegation of his/her powers in accordance with the work rules and regulations of UQU.
  8. Approving purchase orders according to the rules and regulations.
  9. Forming various committees at the College level.
  10. Approving performance evaluation reports submitted to him/her by the College units.
  11. Approving the disbursement of the work requirements in the College from the College’s budget.
  12. Recommending the payment of staff members’ extra benefits.
  13. Recommending the internal and external assignment of staff members.
  14. Recommending the assignment of staff members to work outside official working hours.
  15. Recommending the presence of college affiliates at the training courses inside and outside UQU.
  16. Recommending post-service extension of staff members.
  17. Recommending the hiring of staff members after retirement.
  18. Recommending the termination of non-Saudi staff-member contracts in coordination with department heads.
  19. Adopting the approval of the relevant department council to postpone the admission of graduate students, provided that the postponement period does not exceed two semesters.
  20. Adopting of the approval of the relevant department council to delete all courses of the semester for graduate students.
  21. Approving the transfer of students from outside UQU to the College.
  22. Approving the transfer of students to the College from another college.
  23. Approving the transfer of students from a specialization to another inside the College.
  24. Approving to allow students to study as visiting students.