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Al-Qunfudhah Research Unit Meets Islamic Studies and Chemistry Departments

General News
- 2017/03/28

With the generous support and care of Dr. Yasin Abdullah Al-Zubaidi, Dean of Al-Qunfudhah University College, the Scientific Research Unit held two scientific meetings. The first meeting was held on Wednesday, 15th March 2017, with the staff members at the Department of Chemistry, while the second meeting was held on Wednesday, 22nd March 2017, with the staff members at the Department of Islamic Studies.

The two meetings were held under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Al-Hazimi (Vice-Dean of the College), Prof. Dr. Lotfy Dubaish (Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, and Supervisor of the Research Unit), Dr. Hakim Ahmad Othman (Coordinator of the Unit’s Scientific Departments), as well as staff members at the Chemistry and Islamic Studies Departments.

Prof. Dr. Lotfy Dubaish launched the meeting with a speech in which he confirmed the significance of scientific research to staff members. He indicated that the Departments of Chemistry and Islamic Studies were rich in educational and research competencies that added a lot to the College and the University. Then, he gave a brief description of the Research Unit and its objectives of establishment and future programs, noting that scientific research was one of the basic quality standards. In addition, Dr. Hakim Ahmad Othman confirmed the significance of scientific research to staff members. He stressed that the development of the educational process could not be achieved without raising the level of scientific research. This was because scientific research helped raise the name of the College and the University in the scientific and global forums, which was one of the most significant tasks of the university researcher. Afterwards, there was a rich and constructive discussion with staff members in the Departments of Chemistry and Islamic Studies. Both Dr. Ahmad Dessouqy, Supervisor of the Chemistry Department, and Prof. Ayman Al-Maghrabi, Head of the Islamic Studies Department, presented an overview about the scientific, research and community achievements of the two Departments. They also pointed out to the activity of staff members in publishing a large number of researches in international scientific journals during the period 2010-2016. Moreover, the two departments won the funding of many research projects from research centers inside and outside Umm Al-Qura University (UQU). They were also mentioned to be constantly keeping up with the rapid scientific researches and developments.   

Then, a discussion in which the members of the Research Unit listened to the proposals of the members of the Departments of Chemistry and Islamic Studies was held. Such proposals were documented in the minutes of the two meetings as part of the activities adopted by the Unit to be achieved in the coming days.

The two meetings concluded with a speech by the Supervisor of the Research Unit, in which he thanked the attending staff members of the two departments. He commended such scientific days and called for their continuation with the rest of the departments at the College.

The speech of the Vice-Dean of the College had the greatest impact on promoting scientific research and embodied the significance of it in the development of researchers. This was evident as he commended the achievements of staff members at the Departments of Chemistry and Islamic Studies, and urged them to fulfill more achievements and active participation in scientific and academic activities inside and outside the College.