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Umm Al-Qura University

Computer Science College in Qunfudah Presents its Online Academic Advising Experience

At the direction of Dr. Jaber S. al-Zahrani, dean of Qunfudah College of Computer Science, towards activating online academic advising, the college boasts its online academic advising system, which has proven instrumental for facilitating and expediting academic advising processes. It provides a diversity of useful advisory services for students and academic advisors alike.

Among those services, to mention just a few instances, are the preview of student information to the academic advisor, and easily uploading omission and addition requests to the competent UQU entity, in addition to uploading other requests, such as withdrawal and apology requests.



Moreover, the system allows department heads and Vice Dean for Educational Affairs, as well as the College Dean, to easily follow up academic advising activities in the college.

Under the auspices of Qunfudah Computer Science College dean, Dr. Al-Zahrani, and in the college's pursuit of activating its role in serving the community and cooperation with other colleges, the college has organized a workshop, under the supervision of Dr. Abdullah A. al-Zahrani, vice dean of the college. Attended by Dr. Ahmed al-Sharif, vice dean of Qunfudah University College for educational affairs, the workshop involved a presentation on the online academic advising system. The presentation was given by Dr. Abdulkareem Abdulqader, faculty member and head of the College's Academic Advising Committee.

For his part, showing admiration for the said system, the Vice Dean of Qunfudah University College for Educational Affairs, Dr. Al-Sharif, discussed the possibility of applying this system in Qunfudah University College.

Interaction with other public institutions and colleges, especially in Qunfudah, is regarded by Dr. Jaber al-Zahrani, dean of the college, as a top priority. And this workshop comes in this spirit.

Noteworthy, the system has been designed and uploaded online to be accessed everywhere.

Click here to view the website of the Online Academic Advising System of Qunfudah Computer Science College:


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