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Saudi Scientific Association for Arabic Literature BOD Election

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- 2017/01/03

The General Assembly for the Saudi Scientific Association for Arabic Literature held a meeting for the election of the Board of Directors on Thursday 30th Rabi’I 1438H at 8:00 pm at Umm Al-Qura University (UQU) Supporting Hall, Abediyah Campus.

The meeting started with a Qur’anic Recitation followed by a speech by Dr. Dhafir bin Gharman Al-Omari, Head of the Assembly at its previous session, in which he welcomed the attendees including writers and academics, and praised the sponsorship of and support for the Association by UQU and its President, Dr. Bakri bin Maatooq Assas.  Then, Dr. Al-Omari demonstrated some of the work and fulfillments of the Association at the previous session, and called for resuming them through the new elected board. In addition, he praised the donation by Dr. Abdullah Ba- Sharaheel, businessman, righteous son of Mecca, writer and poet, with fifty thousand Saudi Riyals in support of the activities and programs of the Association, urging intellectuals and writers in Mecca and other KSA cities to follow his steps. Then, the former head commended his former heads of the Association for their efforts, wishing that Allah would guide the new BOD to success.

Afterwards, Prof. Dr. Sa’eed Al-Ghazzawy, Professor of Literature and Criticism at both UQU and University of Hassan II Casablanca (UH2C), presented a Critical Literary Reading on the Neighboring Visions in Imra’ ul-Qais’ Ba’eyah (a Poem with a /b/at the end of each line): Voice of the Ancient Poet. Such reading was completed by the commentaries of writers and academics. Dr. Sa’eed bin Muhammad Al-Qarni, Member of the Assembly, introduced the lecture and its presenter. Moreover, the meeting was managed by Dr. Sami Al-Zahrani, ex- board member and staff member at Al-Baha University. Then, nomination forms were distributed among the attendees. The polling committee, the members of which were Dr. Abdullah Ba- Sharaheel, Prof. Dr. Salih bin Sa’eed Al-Zahrani (former Head of the Assembly), and Dr. Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Qarni, (former Deputy Head of the Saudi Scientific Association for Arabic Literature and Dean of the Arabic Language College),  announced the nomination results naming of the BOD members.

Then, the elected BOD met and designated Dr. Dhafir bin Gharman Al-Omari as Chairman, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdurrahman Al-Haidary as Vice-Chairman, Dr. Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Zahrani as Secretary General and Dr. Osama bin Ahmad Al-Salmi as Secretary Financial. In the same context, the BOD elected members were Dr. Sa’eed bin Muhammad Al-Qarni, Dr. Ali bin Muhammad Al-Harithi, Dr. Mousa bin Derbas Al-Zahrani, Dr. Yousif bin Tafif Al-Daady, and Prof. Turki bin Mubarak Al-Harbi.