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Umm Al-Qura University

College of Education Holds a Ceremony for Dr. Ali Al-Matrafi

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- 2019/12/03

In a fantastic night where all meanings of loyalty, love and brotherhood were manifest, in an atmosphere perfumed with affinity and purity, close friends and colleagues from the affiliates of the College of Education gathered to depict a picture of coherence and teamwork in expressing their love and loyalty to a person who deserves all expressions of honor and words of praise because of his noble manners, dignified spirit, and efficient administration. We are referring to His Excellency, Dr. Ali bin Muslih Al-Matrafi. This event was held on the occasion of the end of his tenure as Dean of the College of Education. All those who worked with His Excellency or under his administration acknowledge his distinction and efficiency.

The speech of the ceremony was offered by His Excellency the Acting Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Tawfiq bin Idris Al-Bakri, who praised the administration of His Excellency Dr. Ali Al-Matrafi and expressed, on behalf of all the affiliates of the College of Education, his thanks and appreciation for the great contributions of His Excellency, Dr. Al-Matrafi, which resulted in the development of the administrative and academic environment at the College of Education. At the university level, his efforts are crystal clear, through many years of sincere and continuous contributions in a university environment that advocates togetherness, harmony, and fruitful cooperation. Dr. Tawfiq appreciated the efforts of His Excellency the former Dean over the recent period.

On his part, Dr. Al-Matrafi expressed his deep gratitude for this honoring, and his great appreciation for the noble audience, assuring his readiness to serve the university in any position or mission entrusted to him, and wishing success and achievement for the College of Education and its subsequent administration.