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Seminar on ‘Glycol Ether Esters in Aquatic Products: Quantitative Analysis and Evaluation According to European Standards’

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Added on - 2019/11/19  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/11/19

As part of a series of seminars held at the University College in Al-Qunfudhah, under the supervision of the College Vice Deanship for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research and in cooperation with the scientific departments of the college, a seminar was conducted entitled, "Glycol Ether Esters in Aquatic Products: Quantitative Analysis and Evaluation According to European Standards". The seminar was delivered by Dr. Faisal Al-Akrimi Fa'idi, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry, at the college theater.

It was shown that Glycol Ethers are widely used as solvents in aquatic products due to their distinct chemical and physical properties. They are classified according to their severity during occupational exposure, when producing or using them, into two groups of Ethylene Glycol Ether derivatives. These are products of ethylene oxide interaction with various alcohols. Many scientific studies have proven them to be dangerous for human health, and have established their association with many diseases. As for Propylene Glycol Ether (PGE) derivatives manufactured using propylene oxide rather than ethylene oxides, no scientific studies have proved they are dangerous for human health.

During this seminar, the results obtained through the quantitative analysis of 8 compounds in 73 industrial water products were divided into three sectors:

  • Products used in construction dyes, glue, and paint.
  • Products used in the cleaning sector: glass cleaners and kitchenware cleaners.
  • Products used in office inkjet printers and rubber stamp ink pads.

The importance of European legislation to protect against the dangers of these compounds and the extent to which these aquatic products offered in Tunisian markets meet European standards were also discussed.

The seminar concluded that when acquiring these products, care should be taken to make sure they are free of any Ethylene Glycol Ether derivatives.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Yahya Mazhar Al-Zahrani, Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research; Dr. Abdu Al-Subaihi, Head of the Chemistry Department; and a large number of faculty members and students.


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