Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Fourth Lecture of Lectures Series “An Exalted Nation”

- 2016/04/20

The College of Da’wa and Islamic Theology held the fourth lecture of the lectures series “An Exalted Nation” on Tuesday, Rajab 12, 1437H, at Al-Shaikh Abdulaziz bin Baz –May Allah have mercy on him- hall at the College premises in Al-Abidiyah. The lecture was entitled “Objectives of University Student”, and it was delivered by Al-Shaikh Dr. Muhammad bin Mousa Al-Sharif. The lecture was attended by a number of teaching staff and approximately 200 students.

The lecturer addressed the importance of setting study and life objectives in order for the student to achieve excellence in what he provides to himself, his nation and his home country, and make best use of his time, knowledge and active participation in the society.