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A Seminar Entitled: ‘Physics is the Center of Science: Concepts and Applications’

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Added on - 2019/11/12  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/11/12

Within a series of meetings held at Al-Qunfudhah University College, under the supervision of the Vice Deanship for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research and in cooperation between the college's scientific departments, a seminar entitled: "Physics is the Center of Science: Concepts and Applications", delivered by Prof. Dr. Abdul-Tawwab Muhammad Abdul-Qadir, professor at the Department of Physics, was held at the college theater. His Excellency Dr. Abdul-Tawwab explained why physics is regarded the center of science. That is, He argued that physics is the foundation of most sciences. In addition, he presented some important applications of physics in the fields of medicine and industry.

Furthermore, His Excellency presented a research application accomplished at the Department of Physics at Al-Qunfudhah University College regarding improving the physical properties of polymeric material using the ion-ejaculation technique, in order to use this in advanced technological applications.

His Excellency also explained that the technique of ion-ejaculation is a promising process that improves polymeric materials for medical applications, and can be used in manufacturing a polymeric material with a surface of great electrical conductivity to be placed over a dielectric material. Hence, it can be used in manufacturing microelectronics.

The meeting was attended by His Excellency the Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Yahya Mizhar Al-Zahrani, the Head of the Department of Physics, Dr. Ali Hamid Al-Amri, and a number of academic staff and students.


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