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Symposium on the Concept of Systems in Literary Texts

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Added on - 2016/04/19  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/04/19

Under the auspices of the Dean of Qunfudhah University College, Dr. Hashem Ahmed Al-Samdani, the Vice-Deanship for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research organized in collaboration with the Department of Arabic Language a symposium titled “the concept of systems in literary texts.” The symposium was held at the college theater on Monday, 11 Rajab 1437 H.

Dr. Abdullah Ba-Naqib, the associate professor at the Department of Arabic Language, was in charge of the symposium. The first contribution was made by Prof. Lotfi Debeish in which he indicated the concept of “system” and its relativity according to schools of criticism and historical ages, elaborating as well on the meaning of “system” for artists. The second contribution was by Prof. Ali Khafif who tackled the issue of the systems that create a literary text. He confirmed that the systems have a formal aspect, an intellectual aspect and an emotional one. Prof. Sami Sulaiman, in his contribution, discussed the concept of “systems” in modern criticism and pointed out that there are other concepts that interfere with the concept of “systems”, including the concept of “patterns”. He added that the system is a reading-related concept devised by critics and analysts to study texts, literary, human and social phenomena, and that the emergence of the concept of “systems” in modern criticism is due to the impact of modern linguistics, especially De Saussure’s distinction between language and speech. 

At the end of the symposium, Dr. Mohamed Al-Hazmi, the Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies, delivered a speech in which he thanked the Department of Arabic Language, especially the professors who participated in the symposium. In recognition of their valuable contributions, the Vice-Dean, Dr. Awad Al-Rashdi awarded them certificates of appreciation.