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A New Research Achievement at the Lab Medicine Department

Important News
- 2016/10/20

A team of researchers at the Lab Medicine Department succeeded in publishing a scientific research on the world scientific journal “Journal of Transitional Medicine” on September’s 2016 issue, with impact factor 3.7. The research was published at the scientific website “PubMed” under the title “the probable impacts of vitamin D and nigella stiva as a treatment for removing cirrhosis: readings on cirrhosis resulting from carbon tetrachloride” as a new achievement for the scientific research at the Umm Al-Qura University Medical Applied Science College.

Still, the research team is made up of Dr. Abdulghanu Hassan, Dr. Ba-Salamah, Mr. Jawad Mushtaq, Mr. Shakir Idris and Dr. Basem Ra’afat. They are academic staff members at the Medical Applied Science College. Special thanks go out to Dr. Adel Alshemi for taking part in preparing the illness model.

The research is considered the first ever in the world to use vitamin D and nigella stiva for showing the double impact in removing cirrhosis in rats afflicted with it a result of being injected with Carbon tetrachloride. Previous researches used each compound respectively, and they prove the ability of each of them to stop the cirrhosis and not to remove it.

It is known that the cirrhosis poses an international problem, and it is caused by viral hepatitis, alcohol addiction or the complications of some medicines. It often results in liver failure and tumors that cause death. Vitamin D and   nigella stiva have anti- cirrhosis effect; meaning that it stops its spread and prevent the deterioration of the case.

Within the same vein, the study has shown that when both compounds are used separately, they have anti- cirrhosis effect. They prevent the degree of fibrosis and the liver damage. While using the two compounds together has an amazing effect as this leads to the dissolving of the fibrosis, and restoring a great deal of the liver functions as well as a good portion of the natural formation of the liver.

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Furthermore, Dr. Ahmed ibn Mohamed A’ashi Ali, the College Dean, stressed on the importance of the scientific research, the great development the College witnesses and the significance of publishing in the world scientific journals. This in turn helps the University advance and the College. He similarly extended thanks to the University President, Dr. Bakri ibn Ma’atuq A’asas , for his steady support and  encouragement for the scientific research at the College, and for publishing on the world scientific journals.