Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Laboratory Medicine Participates in World Tuberculosis Day

Dr. Amr Muhammad Abdulfattah, Associate Professor of Laboratory Medicine Department at the UQU College of Applied Medical Sciences, has participated in the activities of " World Tuberculosis Day”. He gave a lecture at Al-Nour Specialized Hospital in the holy Mecca on the fifth of Jumada I, 1434H. The lecture was entitled "Tuberculosis: challenges, modern diagnosis, and prevention ways.”

The lecture was started with a brief background on the origin of the disease and the theories that deal with how it was transmitted in the past from animals to humans until it has become endemic in humans and has become the most serious disease affecting humans and animals alike. The lecture also tackled the the microbe that causes the disease and how it contains different types that not only cause tuberculosis, but also cause many other diseases, which may sometimes be very dangerous and life-threatening, especially in patients with weak or lost immunity.

Then the lecture focused on the most serious challenges facing health professionals to combat the disease and to prevent it. Thus, the various methods of diagnosis of the disease, whether conventional or new, and how it would deal with the new challenges of the disease, diagnosis, and methods of confrontation were displayed.

Besides, Dr. Abdulfattah reviewed the key advantages and disadvantages of the available methods for diagnosis, both old and new, and the scope of appropriateness for each method depending on the circumstances and possibilities. His Excellency Dr. Amr Abdel Fattah concluded the lecture by answering the questions and inquiries of the attendance of workers in the medical field: doctors, consultants and medical laboratories specialists at Al-Nour Specialized Hospital, as well as explaining all points of inquiries.

At the end of the lecture, the event organizers presented a shield and a certificate of thanks and appreciation to Dr. Amr Muhammed Abdulfattah for his tremendous efforts and scientific giving.