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College of Designs & Namaa AlMunawara Discuss Ways of Cooperation with the Participation of Wadi Makkah Co.

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Added on - 2018/01/06  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/01/06

On Tuesday, 15/4/1439 AH, Dr. Hisham Abdulrahman Maghrabi, dean of the College of Designs; Dr. Faisal Al-Alaf, CEO of Wadi Makkah; Dr. Suhail Salem Al-Harbi, vice dean of the College of Designs; and Dr. Abdullah Dakhilullah Al-Thaqafi, head of  Internal Designs Department, met with Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Debroom, CEO of Namaa AlMunawara, and Mr. Ahmed Sherif Al-Awadi, the vice-president for Creative Development; and in the presence of Dr. Wadei Barqawi, CEO of Tilal Alnamaa, affiliated to Wadi Makkah Company. The meeting was at the headquarters of Namaa AlMunawara in Al-Madina Al-Munawara.

The CEO of Namaa AlMunawara reviewed the objectives of t Namaa system, strategies and its action to support the segments of society, particularly the graduates of Arts and Design Colleges. During the meeting, both of UQU College of Designs and Namaa AlMunawara discussed the ways of cooperation between them, by the participation of Wadi Makkah Company. Then, the delegation had an introductory tour of Namaa’s projects and initiatives. Thereafter, they moved to visit the shops and labs building to benefi from their designs and equipment, as well as to see the production lines. 

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Hisham Maghrabi thanked Namaa CEO for their distinguished efforts in activating the slogan “Made in Al-Madina”; looking forward to further cooperation under the umbrella of Wadi Makkah Company, and under the leadership of its CEO, Dr. Faisal Al-Alaf.