Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Message from Head of the Department

- 2016/05/19

Education is a matter of national security now and its core is preparing competent and qualified young people, equipped with knowledge and technology. Modern experience proved that there is no doubt that real advancement is to be achieved only through education and the core of international conflict is a race for developing and improving the quality of education. Changing the old educational methods that need to be reviewed is an integral part of the development we aspire for now, so that we manage to get new generations capable of serious competition and achieving the ambitions of this society.

In light of the modern trends in the academic work in the universities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the ongoing pursuit of development of the educational and research process and focus on quality and accreditation, and the department vision of distinction and leadership in sports and physical education (through the offered academic, training, research and consultation programs that cope with the latest developments and meet the labor market requirements), the Department assumed the responsibility for developing the educational process. This will be achieved with the help and participation of the faculty staff with their different intellectual trends and interests, and with the focus on activating students’ role and their participation in this development as they are the core of the results we aspire to achieve.

Department Head