Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2022/04/16

The English Language Department was established in 1427 Hijri and therefore is considered one of the oldest departments in the College. It includes 690 students and 16 university professors in addition to the students and professors in the Girls division.



The Department vision is to provide a high quality university education program upon which students are granted the Bachelor of Arts in the English Language after meeting the requirements of this degree. These requirements are strong knowledge of the English language, its linguistics, literature other knowledge branches. This degree qualifies students to teach the English language in preparatory and secondary schools and similar English language centers when they get the proper educational training to practice as professional teachers. In addition, they have access to all professions that require mastery of the four main skills of the English language: listening, reading, writing and speaking.



The English Language Department seeks to provide intensive knowledge and full-fledged training in the English language and its literature and to improve the linguistic, intellectual and research skills of students. It also gives high priority to society service and encouraging understanding and communication among cultures.



To realize this vision, the Department works to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Improving listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and enhancing them to the limit that qualifies students to use these skills effectively.
  2. Providing students with the basics of learning English, its linguistic theories, grammatical rules and phonetics, in addition to foreign language acquisition theories, writing theories, sociology and psychology theories, and principles of measuring competency in English language learning.



  • Leadership
  • Distinction
  • High Quality