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Vice Deanship of Nursing

- 2018/05/01

Vice Deanship of the College of Nursing


The UQU College of Nursing used to be one of the departments of the College of Applied Medical Sciences. On Rajab 4, 1430H, the Higher Education Council issued resolution no. 3/1430, separating the department, to be an independent college, under the name: the College of Nursing. Later on, in the academic year 1432-1433H, the Department of Nursing was separated from the College of Applied Medical Sciences to constitute an independent college, with Dr. Ayman Jawaherji as its first dean (in Rabea' al-Awwal 1433H). Thereupon, the college's four vice-deanships were formed. They are: the Vice-Deanship of Nursing, the Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs, the Vice-Deanship for Post-graduate Studies and Research, and the Vice-Deanship for Hospital Affairs.
The Vice-Deanship of Nursing assumes the responsibility of managing financial and administrative affairs, as well as arranging the college's workflow and managing its dealings as appropriate, according to the laws and regulations approved by the Higher Education Council.The Vice-Dean of Nursing is chosen from the Saudi faculty members, known for administrative and academic proficiency, by virtue of a decision taken by the UQU president, based on the college dean's nomination. The Vice-Dean of Nursing reports to the College Dean, and is member of the College Council.

Tasks & Responsibilities

• Serving as the College council secretary, the Vice-Dean of Nursing is responsible for coordinating the council's meetings; this includes defining the date and time of each meeting, receive memos and reports from the college departments, and supervision of printing its memoranda;

• Manage the college's administrative affairs, and act on behalf of the college dean when absent, or when asked to do so;

• Prepare the college's strategic plan;
• Oversee the college's Financial and Budgetary Affairs Unit, to prepare the college's budget; 
• Identify the college's needs for faculty members, administrative staff, technicians, and the equivalent cadres;
• Be member of the Supervisory Committee of TA Recruitment in the college;
• Oversee the college's Follow-up Unit;
• Identify the college departments' needs for technical and administrative cadres;
• Identify the college departments' needs for specialized laboratories and educational instruments; 
• Nominate supervisors for its subdivisions, and make the necessary recommendations for choosing and recruiting them;
• Liaise with the UQU relevant bodies on matters related to the vice-deanships competencies and scope of work;
• Take the decisions necessary for managing the work of the vice-deanship and its subdivisions, in line with the effective laws and regulations; and
• Regularly report to the college dean on the workflow at the vice-deanship's subdivisions, as well as the challenges they face, and the ways to overcome them.