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Umm Al-Qura University

Vice-Deanship for Academic Development and Community Service

- 2018/05/01


Vice Deanship for Academic Development and Community Service


In its quest to put the concept of total quality management (TQM) into effect, the UQU College of Nursing has formulated its message that places particular emphasis on preparing and qualifying nursing staff. By doing so, the college seeks to provide safe nursing services for our community, promote the educational, practical and research practices, and provide a stimulating, innovative learning environment. 

To that end, the Vice-Deanship of Nursing for Academic Development and Community Service has always shown keen interest in coping with the accelerated developments, upholding the TQM strategy, as well as sustaining it in a manner that reflects positively on the college's academic, research and administrative domains, thereby improving its output in education, research and community service.

The College of Nursing, it is worth noting, pays thorough attention to elements of the learning process, including input, processes and output, covering therein all matters related to the college management, faculty members, students, graduates, and education and assessment methods, meanwhile placing particular emphasis on how to achieve the best possible education output for the advantage of students.
The Vice-Deanship for Academic Development and Community Service pursues quality and achievements through:
Establishing a quality unit to manage the college's quality affairs, under the supervision of the higher quality committee, led by the college dean, and including in its membership the vice-dean of the college for educational affairs, heads of departments, as well as a number of faculty member who are experienced in quality assurance. The quality affairs are followed up by five committees, in which all the faculty members, teaching assistants and administrative staff are members. It also seeks to promulgate the quality culture in the university community, and engage students in development and improvement, through the quality friends committee. That is to be added to carrying out the community-service activities organized by the college and its staff, with the aim to improve the medical and nursing services offered to the public. 
During the university year 1435-1436H, the UQU College of Nursing obtained the German AHPGS accreditation. And it is currently getting prepared for obtaining the national accreditation.
Tasks and Responsibilities of the Vice Deanship for Academic Development and Community Service:
1. Promulgate the quality culture amidst the college staff, by organizing workshops, symposia and seminars on academic quality and accreditation;
2. Provide quality guides that explain the necessary quality indicators and benchmarks;
3. Establish an internal system to assure quality across the college;
4. Make every effort to realize the college's strategic objectives relating to quality assurance and academic accreditation;
5. Promote and enhance quality standards and processes throughout the college;
6. Design and implement self-evaluation plans, as well as plans for self-study, and fulfilling the requirements of the National Committee for Academic Assessment 
7. and Accreditation;
8. Prepare surveys to collect views of beneficiaries, thereby assessing the quality and academic performance indicators; 
9. Study the demands of beneficiaries (within and without the university), and the ways to gain their satisfaction, and make good use of it;
10. Prepare annual reports of the college's activities and achievements, to measure quality in all departments;
11. Develop the faculty members' quality-associated capabilities; and
12. Specify, organize, document and develop community service activities.