Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2018/05/01

Inception of the Nursing College


In 1426H, a royal decree stipulated separation of the then "department of medical sciences" from the College of Medicine, to be an independent college, under the name: "College of Medical Sciences", of which nursing was one of its programs. The first batch was admitted to the Nursing Department in the university year of 1428-1429H, when it was one of the departments of the College of Applied Medical Sciences.
Later on, in Rabea' al-Awwal 1433H, the Department of Nursing was separated from the College of Applied Medical Sciences to constitute an independent college, with Dr. Ayman Jawaherji as its first dean.
The college is made up of three departments:
- Department of community nursing and mass-gathering health care,
- Department of Nursing Science and Research, and
- Department of Nursing Practices.      


The college has put upon itself the responsibility of graduating highly-qualified, well-trained nursing cadres, to provide a safe, best-quality medical service for our society, and promoting the theoretical knowledge, research, and real-world practices, by way of providing an supportive, innovation-friendly learning environment.


To take the lead domestically, and prove to be a strong competitor at the regional level, so far as nursing education, research, practicing, and community service are concerned.

Core Nursing Values

- Community service

- Quality and professionalism

- Teamwork
- Transparency and credibility
- Academic integrity, and respecting intellectual property rights
- Equal opportunities, and professional equality
- Commitment to nursing ethics, as well as the Islamic principles and teachings
- Proficiency and effectiveness
- Respect of human rights

Strategic Objectives of the College of Nursing


• To promote the college's academic affairs; 
• To activate and reinforce research in the college;
• To establish an integrated system of community service;
• To improve and develop the college's infrastructure;
• To improve and develop performance of the college's administrative and technical cadres, hone their innovative and intellectual skills, design an organizational structure, and define job descriptions;
• To develop an integrated quality process, with a view to obtain both the national and international accreditations for the college's nursing BSc program;
• To hold agreements and partnerships with national, regional and international nursing colleges and training facilities; and 
• To promulgate the college's mission, and improve its image..