Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2019/11/14

The department was founded by virtue of the Minister of Finance and National Economy decree No. (21/4201) on 11/08/1403 H. The department is an administrative control unit that reports to the University vice-president. The department is in charge of monitoring inventory at all University sectors by virtue of article No. (24) of governmental warehouses' regulations and rules, as follows:  

1- Monitoring inventory movement to ensure that work in warehouses is regular.

2- Identifying inventory levels to ensure that work in warehouses is regular.

3- Conducting inventory to facilitate the external control on warehouses by various agencies.

4- Spotting error instantly and attempting to avoid them in the future.

5- Maintaining the State property through limiting the loss, damage, or obsolescence of items.


  • Responsibility.
  • Credibility.
  • Respecting regulations and rules.  
  • Accuracy.
  •  Integrity.
  • Correction and evaluation.
  • Improvement and continuous development.


 1- Maintaining the University stock in all University warehouses and units.  

2- Achieving the ideal method of warehousing according to the state, nature, and types of warehoused items.

3- Ensuring the provision of warehousing service to all University entities.

4- Safe application and implementation of warehousing regulating in accordance with the general regulations. 

5- Application of governmental warehouses' regulations upon receiving, disbursing, and restrictions, etc.

6- Resolving all warehousing problems, and limiting errors, irregularities and transgressions to protect public money from misappropriation.

7- Conducting required studies to determine the suitable warehousing levels, and to identify the economic amounts for storage in order to avoid cases of increase or decrease, and additionally to avoid damaging or expiring the stock.

8- Constant training of all personnel working at warehousing department, and inventory officers to ensure practical and sound application of methods encompassed in the rules.

9- Improvement of warehousing control so as to adopt automatic application in all activities and systems.