Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Departments and Their Tasks

- 2019/12/24

Secretary Department:

  1. Receiving transactions forwarded to the administration from various bodies at the University.
  2. Placing a referral on each transaction and presenting it to the Manager.
  3. Delivering transactions to the departments according to the directions of the manager.
  4. Exporting transactions to involved entities of circulars and correspondence.
  5. Maintaining a copy of the outgoing transactions at the outcome record.
  6. Printing and copying transactions related to administration work.
  7. Full archiving of all the administration archives (photos, archived transactions, documents, ... etc.), and working on organizing and ordering them in a way that facilitates searching for them to refer to them at any time.

Studies and Development Department:

  1. Conducting required studies to determine the suitable warehousing levels, and to identify the economic amounts for storage in order to avoid cases of increase or decrease in the stock.
  2. Developing programs and applications used at inventory control unit and at University warehouses to trace and monitor the inventory in accordance with Saudi Vision 2030.
  3. Training the unit personnel to develop their performance to the aspired level.

Stock Department:

  1. Making item control cards, keeping items receiving, disbursing and returning receipts, extracting the stock credits, reviewing receipts, and keeping documents in an organized manner.
  2. Conducting special studies on the economic amounts of storage, storage levels, and developing storage methods, and conducting reports on stock movement.

Inventory Control Department:

Accounting stock and inventory items actually and comparing them to cards credits ot records and registering any overruns and shortages.

Archive Department:

Maintaining documents containing receipts such as receiving notes and records, and disbursement orders, and returning documents, and keeping all outgoing transactions from the administration. 

Storage Control Department:

  1. Registering inventory cards receipts at each administration, department, site, or employee at the university regarding permanent items that are disbursed to them as a permanent inventory. in addition to tracing all changes that occur eto them such as movement, damage or the like.
  2. Conducting clearance of employees.