Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Scientific Information and Services Department

- 2019/05/20

The department endeavors to recruit competent employees and direct energies toward hard work to establish a data bank related to Hajj, Umrah, and visits to the sacred sites. This is so as to become a comprehensive scientific reference for the different types of statistics and facts. The department also contributes to serving pilgrims in Makkah, Al-Madinah and the holy sites through its different working units to meet the directives and desires of the rulers, may Allah protect them, and facilitate the performance of the rituals for the pilgrims.

Our Mission

To contribute to serving Hajj, Umrah, and visits to the holy sites by providing studies, research, consultation, and training programs. This is besides providing services for the community in the field of advanced technology and information.

Our Vision

To become the scientific and advisory reference in the field of advanced technologies and information in the system of Hajj, Umrah, and visits.

Our Values

Special nature of the place and time:

We believe that we are working to serve the holiest of places and sites, and the greatest seasons and rituals.


We believe in the importance of forming partnerships with all parties relevant to the system serving the pilgrims.

Continuing Education:

We believe that physical progress has not been realized because of the historical status of the institute as much as due to what has been achieved through the modification of practices to accommodate the development of science and technology and to achieve the best quality standards.

Knowledge Sharing:

We believe in the exchange of available information to serve the pilgrims and support decision makers.

Positive Impact on Society:

We believe in the importance of research and studies in fields serving the pilgrims which have a positive impact on society.

Future Exploration:

We believe in the importance of exploring the future to contribute to the expectation of future opportunities and challenges, and set creative future plans for them. Hence, this will help to create proper strategic planning.

Our Goals

  1. To develop a comprehensive and specialized information system in the field of pilgrims services.
  2. To harness the innovative technologies and solutions in the development of the system of pilgrims services.
  3. To develop the technical infrastructure and research laboratories.
  4. To set and measure key performance indicators for utilities and services.
  5. To explore the future of the system serving the pilgrims.