Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

How to Select Your Study Path

- 2016/09/29

You could select one of the paths of the department, on two conditions:

1. Abide by the department plan.

2. Select your study path after passing the 4th academic year (i.e., after having passed all courses of the 1st and 2nd academic years).

 Paths of the department are:

  • Intellectual Disability Path
  • Learning Difficulties Path
  • Behavioral Disorders and Autism Path
  • Hearing Disability Path

 Before you select your path,  you have to pay a visit to the venue where the selected path is studied.

For instance,  if you select "Autism Path,"

then you have to pay a visit to the Institute of Intellectual Education, or any institute having a child suffering from autism, in order to base your choice on real-world experience. That is because some paths require much patience to be able to act in a humane manner. If you have the human power and ability to assume such a responsibility, head to the department's academic advisor, and fill in the path selection form.

It is to be noted that:

  • A filtration process shall be conducted, in case the number of applicants is higher than the capacity of a certain path, based on GPA.
  • Path selection shall be conducted at the beginning of the academic year.

Path-selection conditions:

1. Bring a print of your transcript,
showing the courses you studied, as well as the GPA and semester-based achievement.

2. You have to pass all courses of the 3rd and 4rth levels.