Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Objectives of the Department

- 2016/10/05

Strategic Objectives: 

I. General Objectives:

  1. To qualify pedagogical competencies that can work successfully with students with special needs.
  2. To provide students with both inclusive and intensive scientific base in all tracks.
  3. To prepare students for academic scientific research that serves students with special needs.
  4. To raise the level of special education services for children with special needs all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  5. To provide students with both general and specific knowledge.
  6. To prepare specialized staff in the domain of special education by granting them the B. A in the following tracks:  
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Learning Disability
  • Behavioural Disorders and Autism
  • Deafness
  • Blindness
  • Intellectual giftedness

II. Educational Objectives:

  1. To develop educational services represented by the department's staff, curricula, teaching methods, training and available educational resources. Such development should be in accordance with the current progress in the field of special needs technologies to the extent that guarantees the graduation of staff that is capable of meeting labour market demands.
  2. To concentrate on the support for applied studies that are connected with the development of special education.
  3. To balance between the number of accepted students and available resources (i.e. classrooms, hands-on training laboratories, teaching staff and library).
  4. To provide the Department with many tracks for the students to choose, which prepares graduates with various specialized scientific backgrounds.
  5. To seek development of student admission into the Department on the basis of specific selective standards, which guarantee the enrollment of sufficiently skilled students regarding the treatment of people with special needs.
  6. To adopt a system for quality management and follow up to augment performance on all scales (i.e. education, research and community service).  

III. Scientific Research Objectives:

  1. To open various channels with the labour market to identify market demands and to direct research and development activities at developing necessary knowledge and experience for such demands. This can be achieved through consultancy and connectivity with charities that care for people with special needs.  
  2.  To liaise with charities for the sake of using experiences to support scientific research with regards to people with special needs.  
  3.  To follow up global developments in the field of special needs information technologies, and to prepare indicative studies that improve technology investment.

IV. Objectives for Community Service:

  1. To develop training programmes to enhance the level of the beneficiary categories and to allow citizens to benefit from such courses.
  2. To be a source of consultation, psychological support and guidance to all society segments.
  3. To effectively contribute to the special needs charities' activities. 
  4. To organize workshops, panel discussions, seminars and conferences through cooperation with specialized institutions to improve visions of special needs information technology organization and investment.  

V. Objectives of Student Activity:

  1. To instill moral and social values among students to qualify them to interact with people with special needs positively and to lead them towards the best future.
  2. To prepare the appropriate climate of support for the students' cultural, social and sport activities for a generation that can positively interact with social development.
  3. To enable chances of student exchange with global institutions to urge students to see other cultures. 

The Department of Special Education Presents Experienced B.A. Graduates in the Following:

  1. Providing special education services and support for the disabled.
  2. Having good command of the knowledge tracks of people with special needs.
  3. Being able to diagnose and assess people with special needs.
  4. Having educational efficiency and good skills in dealing with people with special needs. 
  5. Applying and using measures.
  6. Working efficiently at all the governmental and private sectors that are directed at such category, as well as all special needs centres.
  7. Being qualified at resuming post graduate studies inside and outside KSA.