Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Graduates Follow-up Unit

- 2019/08/25


  1. Strengthening the relationship between the University, graduates, and employers, as well as sustaining it.
  2. Contributing to increasing the rate of graduates’ employment in the labor market through programs of continuous education and training provided by the University.
  3. Contributing to enhancing the University’s scientific and social position. 


  • Establishing a database on graduates, employers, and all sectors relevant to graduates.
  • Communicating with University graduates through various programs, and providing data that bridge the gap between educational outputs and the requirements of the labor market.
  • Issuing periodic publications and establishing a database for scientific, professional and community activities of graduates.
  • Measuring the trends of employers and the extent of their satisfaction with the University’s graduates.
  • Monitoring the challenges faced by graduates when they join the labor market.
  • Contributing to securing links for graduates and activating the communication among them.
  • Working to find optimal ways that encourage the continuation of the bond that graduates have with the University.
  • Submitting an integrated report at the end of each semester to explain the measures taken by the Deanship of Development to prepare a report to be referred to the University’s Vice President for Development and Entrepreneurship.