Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Message of Department Head

- 2018/06/10


Head of Linguistics, Grammar and Morphology Department

Dr. Saeed bin Mohamed Al Yazid

Praise be to Allah who honored us with learning and educating on Arabic as well as teaching and studying its issues, whether through researching or tackling them. Prayer and peace be on Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions. Having said that:
I have been appointed as head of the Department of Linguistics, Grammar and Morphology, feeling thrilled to serve Arabic and its issues, whether in terms of phonetics, morphology, or grammar, and everything related to these aspects at a time when tongues and languages are mercilessly competing, a conflict of questions arises both negatively and positively.
We have surrounded ourselves with the fact that the Arabic language is like the spirit of the body. Allah has chosen it to be the tongue of his immortal book. It  is the most able to express the desired meaning and the clearest when people desire to reflect the meanings of the developments in their lives.
I took the appointment letter knowing the challenges and difficulties ahead of all of us. Academic accreditation of the department is a file addressed by the accreditation committees in the department. Changes in resources, tools and technologies surround us. We are collectively responsible for empowering the department’s scientific programs to suit the status of Umm Al-Qura as a university and a community.  We will not achieve the purposes of the department unless God helps us all as professors and administrative staff to bring together the energies of the department and its human and material resources in harmony and integration, as well as create a functional consensus among the members of the department and its staff, both men and women.
We trust in Allah and resort to him. Praise be to him now and forever for our ability to teach and learn  Arabic in Makkah, the closest to Allah , where he protects and feeds us.