Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

About the Department

- 2017/06/06


The Department of Language and Grammar was established in 1402. The first class graduated thereof was class 1406.



Preparing skilled teachers in Arabic language disciplines, who are aware of the nation's issues and culture.

Preparing distinct researchers in Arabic language disciplines to be affiliated to the graduate studies.

Serving the community by holding training courses and concluding joint agreements.

Enhancing the staff members' performance in the professional and technical research.

Sponsoring innovators in language activities.

Developing the programs, and attaining academic accreditation



Graduating specialists in the Arabic heritage and contemporary science, who are qualified to meet the needs of the community. Enhancing the capacity of the staff members, in an appropriate learning environment, in the light of Islamic values and national belonging.



Entrenching the sense of taking pride in speaking Arabic and defending it.

Preserving the linguistic heritage, and making use of the modern developments.

Establishing Islamic legislation values and national belonging.

Commitment to transparency and objectivity on the part of the management.

Using Arabic in scientific and social fields.