Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Admission Requirements & Academic Degree Awarded

- 2016/10/17

Admission Requirements for Department of Language, Syntax & Grammar

  1. A student shall be a Saudi National.
  2. A student shall have a general secondary education certificate or its equivalent received either in the KSA or otherwise.
  3. A general secondary education certificate or its equivalent awarded for more than five years will not be accepted. If reasonable justifications are provided, the university council may dismiss this condition.
  4. To successfully pass whatsoever test or interview deems by the university council as necessary.
  5. Students dismissed, either from this university or otherwise, for academic and disciplinary reasons will not be accepted.
  6. A student shall be of good conduct and character.
  7. A student shall be physically fit.
  8. With regard to public servants, consent shall be obtained from the concerned body showing approval of such schedule applicable by the department.

Academic degree awarded by the department:

The department awards the bachelor degree in language, syntax and grammar. A student shall complete (145) approved educational units in eight terms. Those curricula include majors in the Arabic language and literature (Language, syntax and grammar – rhetoric and criticism – literature) and other subjects from several colleges to form a complementary scientific character.