Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Saudi Scientific Society for Waqf's Activities

- 2017/11/15

Major activities include:

1- Holding meetings and academic forums the scientific activity of the society comprises holding lectures, symposia, meetings, seminars, and regular conferences that serve the society's objectives

2 - Academic Publications: Top publications include:

A- Awqaf Magazine: Academic review publication displays the society's researches

B - Newsletter:offers news about the society and other related news of scientific institutions, academic theses from colleges and institutes.

C- Members Guide: includes detailed information on research interests and specialties for members

D- Society's Regulation and Activities: a brochure features the background of Saudi Scientific Society for Waqf since its regulation and inception.

E- Database Creation: contains related researches and articles published in scientific magazines

3- Society's Activities:

  1. Publishing scientific theses that serve the society's objectives
  2. Publishing guide of members
  3. Publishing a guide of waqf studies authors
  4. Carrying out researches in waqf subjects and other related branches of knowledge, and publishing research findings
  5. Providing consultation services to governmental institutions
  6. Participating in local and international fairs
  7. Authoring and translating academic scientific books related to the society's scope of work
  8. Holding awqaf contests