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Qunfudah University College Marks the World Arabic Language Day

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- 2016/12/27

Under the support and auspices of Dr. Yassin Alzibidi, the Qunfudah University College dean, the Arabic Language Department in cooperation with the Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research vice deanship marked the World Arabic Language Day. The event took place at the theatre of the Qunfudah University College, on Monday, December 26th, 2016.

The event featured a scientific seminar titled “Strengthening the Dissemination of the Arabic Language”. The seminar witnessed the participation of Prof. Lutfi Dibish at the College’s Arabic Language Department who spoke about “Communication in the Arabic Language”, Prof. Ali Khafif at the College’s Arabic Language Department who tackled “the Arabic Language Exquisiteness” and Dr. Abduljabar Tawami, the assistant professor at the College’s Arabic Language Department, who touched upon “the Arabic Language Issues and its Future:.

Dr. Mohammed Alhazimi, the College’s vice dean, started the seminar with a speech in which he presented an overview about the Arabic language and its status among other languages. Dr. Ali Alshahri, the head of the College’s Arabic Language Department hosted the seminar. 

The lecturers touched upon the importance of the Arabic language and its status in the Unites Nations, and how to have it accredited at the United Nations (UN) and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) alongside the other world languages, such as English, French, Chinese, Russian and Spanish. Having spoken about the Arabic Language roots and its status worldwide, the lecturers came up with practical solutions for preserving, developing and boosting its dissemination within and outside the Arab world.  

With drawing the discussion to a close, Dr. Ali Alsharhri, the host of the seminar, concluded with a speech praising the lecturers’ interventions. He went on to speak about the support which the Arabic Language Department receives from the College’s deanship and its vice deanships. He similarly thanked the attendance, promising strong scientific programs in the days to come.