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24th Issue of UQU Journal of Language Sciences and Literature Released

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Added on - 2019/09/27  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/09/27

The electronic edition of the 24th issue (Muharram, 1441 A.H./Sha`ban, 2019 A.C.) has been released (all praise be to Allah). It included seven research papers in Arabic.

The research papers included in this issue covered several grammatical, linguistic, rhetorical, literary and, critical aspects, including a rhetorical study of the aesthetics of transition in the Holy Qur'an through the chapters of Juz' Amma (Part 30).

The second study included a critical presentation of the issue of "copying" in Al-Shartuni's lexicon of Aqrab Al-Mawarid, in terms of material, sources, and the lexical entries and order.

The third study was on children's literature in light of the German literary critic Jauss's Reception Theory.

The fourth study followed the area of grammar, and tackled the unspecified name: its truth, sections, and different grammatical provisions, in terms of both grammatical and fundamentalist conceptions.

Following it was the fifth research in the semantic field that tried to track the semantic development of writing terminology through one of the largest Arabic language corpora of our time: namely, the Arabic Corpus of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.

The sixth study was in literature: Fragrant Communication in Literary Discourse Argumentation Approach for Thaalbi’s Book “Man Gaba Anho AlMotreb (Who Lost Inspiration?)."

This issue concluded with a historical linguistic study of the oldest written text in Arabic; namely, ‘Ijl ibn Haf’am’s text. This is a new reading of the vocabulary of the text, different from its previous Arabic and orientalist readings.

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