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The Vice Deanship for Educational Affairs Enables the Application for the Electronic Re-Enrollment of the Students

General News - Male Section
Added on - 2019/08/02  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/08/02

The Vice Deanship for Educational Affairs announces the launch of the service for the regular students to apply for re-enrollment through the use of electronic tickets. This service enables the students who desire to re-enroll in the coming first semester 1440/1441 A.H. to create the application electronically, and now follow it up through this link.

All the steps the student should follow after opening the link are stated below:

  1. Select the suitable department.
  2. Log in using the student's account.
  3. Select the status, and attach a copy of the academic record.
  4. Confirm the desire to re-enroll in the stated semester.
  5. Add the mobile number.
  6. Send the application.

The deanship will launch its remaining electronic services at the beginning of the new academic year to facilitate and accelerate the work at the deanship.