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Release of the 23rd Issue of the Journal of Language Sciences and Literature

The electronic edition of the 23rd issue (Rajab, 1440 A.H./March, 2019 A.C.) has been released (all praise be to Allah). It includes seven research papers, six of which are in Arabic and the seventh in English. The research papers included in this issue cover several rhetorical, literary, critical and syntactic aspects, as well as applied linguistics.

The Arabic research papers include a rhetorical study on the vocabulary of the Qur’an in one of the books of Imam Al-Basili (died in 830 A.H.) that tackled the interpretation of the Qur'an. The second study includes a linguistic, psychological, and social approach to the impact of teaching a foreign language on the learning of the Arabic language during the period of language acquisition (childhood), an applied psycho-linguistic study. The third study tackles the biography of Ibn Al-Fakhar Al-Malqi (died in 539 A.H.) and the collection of what remains of his poems and prose (documentation and study). The fourth study tackles the relationship between the opening statements and purposes of Ibn Zaidoun’s eulogy. The fifth study covers the Arabic syntax, as it tackles the syntactic analysis of the vocative particle 'Ayy'. The last research paper in the Arabic section includes a translation of an article entitled 'Critical Discourse Analysis and Its Critics' by Ruth Breeze, a professor of English language at the Institute of Modern Languages at the University of Navarra in Spain.

The seventh research paper, which is published in English, tackles the long-term effects of studying abroad on the English proficiency of users of English as a foreign language.

It is worth mentioning that this issue will soon be released in print through the University Press, and will soon be available to the researchers (Allah willing).

To download and view the issue, please click here.