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Qunfudah Physics Department Conducts a Lecture about the Nuclear Radiation: Risks, Uses and Prevention

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- 2016/11/24

Out of the Qundah University College’s interest in the importance of scientific research and academic development, the Physics Department in cooperation with  the Postgraduate Studies Vice Presidency and the Academic Development and Quality Vice Presidency organized a lecture titled “  about the Nuclear Radiation: Risks, Uses and Prevention”. The lecture included two segments: the first segment tackles the radiation risks and prevention; and the second segment touched upon the medical uses for the ionized and non-ionized radiation. 

Still, the lecture was presented by Dr. Abudltwab Abdul-Qadir; the nuclear physics associate professor; and head of the Qunfudah University College Physics Department, Dr. Khalid Hala, the experimental nuclear associate professor at the Qunfudah University College Physics Department and Dr. Khalid Morsi; the nuclear physics assistant professor at the Qunfudah University College Physics Department.

Meanwhile, Dr. Abdul-Twab Abdul-Qadir gave a historical review about the discovery of the radioactive materials and the nature of the nuclear radiation and its different types and the nuclear radiation diverse uses. After that, Dr. Khalid Hala presented a detailed explanation about the diverse types of the nuclear radiations, and demonstrated the characteristics for each type of the nuclear radiations and particles. Dr. Hala also made a presentation for the different uses of the nuclear radiations in industry, archaeology and mining, and displayed the personal dosimeters. Finally, Dr. Hala demonstrated the preventive methods and procedures to be taken when dealing with the nuclear radiations.

Then, Dr. Khalid Morsi made an exhaustive explanation about the nuclear radiations uses in diagnosis and nuclear treatment. He brought up all the devices used in diagnosis and treatment drawing on the radioactive materials, and the procedures followed in treatment and determining the radiodosimetry and radioisotopes used.  He similarly shed light on ways to protect the tissues surrounding the afflicted organ against any harm resulting from exposing to radiation.