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Umm Al-Qura University

22nd Issue of UQU Journal of Language Sciences and Literature Released

The 22nd issue of Umm Al-Qura Journal of Language Sciences and Literature was released in Muharram 1439 A.H., corresponding to October 2018 A.C., on the journal’s website. The issue includes six scientific research papers, five in Arabic and one in English.

The Arabic research included several linguistic aspects. The first research paper was on speech analysis and discussed marriage recommendations by mothers in the Arab heritage until the fourth Hijri century. The second research paper was on comparative linguistics and discussed the main pronouns in Arabic and Hausa. The third research paper was on applied Spanish linguistics and discussed the use of popular proverbs in the teaching of Spanish grammar.

The fourth research paper was on grammatical studies and discussed declension in the poetry of Al-Saimari in his book "Al-Tabsira". The fifth research paper was in the field of literary studies and analyzed the figurative form in the introduction of the Madih nabawi poem (song in praise of the Prophet) of Safiyy Al-Din Al-Hilli.

The sixth and final research paper was in English in the field of applied linguistics and was devoted to exploring the role of acculturation is assisting Saudi researchers abroad to learn and benefit from the English language and the associated cultures in some English speaking countries.

The issue will soon be released in print through the University Press, Allah willing.

To download and browse the issue, please click here.