Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Dr. Ali Al-Matrifi Designated Member of Teacher Preparation Program Development Committee

HE Dr. Ahmad bin Muhammad Al-Eisa, Minister of Education, announced on Wednesday 9th Safar 1438H the decision to form a committee to develop teacher preparation programs at the Colleges of Education all over Saudi universities. The decision stipulated that the committee would be headed by Dr. Muhammad Al-Awhaly, Ministry of Education Deputy for Educational Affairs, and membered by a number of educational leaders and Colleges of Education deans, among whom would be Dr. Ali bin Musleh Al-Matrifi, Dean of UQU College of Education. 

The committee will be responsible for setting the general framework of teacher preparation system development at the Colleges of Education. This will be through updating the systems, student admission educational policies, as well as study programs and curricula to render them in harmony with the future developmental vision of teacher preparation programs and to fulfill both input improvement and academic programs' efficiency increase at the Colleges of Education. The committee will also be entitled to develop both academic tracks and educational and learning programs to achieve the output efficiency of the Colleges of Education and reinforce the social demand for vocational specializations.

The Teacher Preparation Program Development Committee seeks to build an assessment system of the academic human resources' performance at the Colleges of Education. This contributes to raising the level of the vocational development of professors and reinforcing their functional roles. This also raises the levels of scientific research quality and builds an effective partnership system with the general education institutions.