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Added on - 2019/03/17  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/03/17

Under the patronage of Her Excellency Dr. Hanaa bint Jazaa Al-Utaibi, the Vice Dean of the College of Business Administration for Educational Affairs, the department of business administration organized the largest event at the college, the COB Talks, under the supervision of the Deputy Head of the Business Administration Department, Ms. Ruba bint Ali bin Muhammad Ali Al-Shareef, which was held on Wednesday 6 Rajab1440 A.H.

The event was attended by 150 female students from the College of Business Administration (the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Marketing, and the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management). The meeting focused on inspiration and how to overcome challenges by presenting different experiences of the female students of the College of Business Administration who were selected following the initial e-Registration. The students were then classified and interviewed and the 10 most influential female students from the College of Business Administration were selected.

The topics of the participating students were varied in their presentation and impact on the audience. These topics included "The sweeping shift from aimless to finalizing goals and plans."

There was also an attempt by a female student to write about a dreamy little girl who grew up in a bullying environment and defended her dream to become a successful speaker and writer.

The event included noteworthy participation by another female student who spoke about the coincidence that led her to join the Innovation Olympiad and obtain advanced positions at the level of the Kingdom, in addition to two special awards.

A third student also unleashed her passion and words to make her dream a reality. Her letters were collected in a book, which will be published soon.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the students voted for the most inspiring student. This title was won by Najwa Al-Huzali, who said in her speech: "I flew a lot to achieve my dreams, seized every opportunity offered to me, get affected by the atmosphere fluctuations, moved left and right and attempted to withstand external influences, her life stopped for a moment, then came back more strongly." We wish her success and progress.