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Umm Al-Qura University

Arabic Language Department at Al-Qunfudhah Organizes a Lecture Entitled 'Ibn Madaa Al-Qurtubi and His Renewal of Arabic Grammar'

Under the generous patronage of His Excellency the Dean of Al-Qunfudhah University College, Dr. Yasin bin Abdullah Al-Zubaidi, the Department of Arabic Language at Al-Qunfudhah organized a lecture entitled, "Ibn Madaa Al-Qurtubi and His Renewal of Arabic Grammar". The lecture took place on Monday, 6 Jumada Al-Thani, 1440 A.H., corresponding to 25 February, 2019 A.C., at the theater of the University College, and was delivered by Dr. Abdul-Jabbar Tawami.

The lecture was introduced by Prof. Ali Al-Shahri, Head of the Department of Arabic Language at the College. He spoke about the significance of the attempts that have been made to renew Arabic grammar, both at present and in the past. He then tackled the achievements of a particular prominent Andalusian grammarian, Ibn Madaa Al-Qurtubi.

During his presentation, which lasted for nearly half an hour, Dr. Abdul-Jabbar Tawami, a lecturer in the department, provided an overview of the academic life of Ibn Mada, and outlined the content of his book "Al-Radd `Ala Al-Nuhah (In Refutation of the Grammarians)", which was regarded the most important old classic that criticized the traditional rules of Arabic grammar founded by Sibawaih in the third century A.H. He then described the approach of the book in presenting its argument and criticism, which focused on philosophical reasoning and the method adopted by Basra School in the literature of Arabic grammar. The lecturer then reviewed the most significant and most recent linguistic and intellectual analyses of the book composed by Ibn Madaa. Notable among these critical studies was the work of Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Hajj Salih, who criticized the approach of Ibn Madaa and defended the methodology adopted by Sibawaih; the work of Dr. Nassir Hamid Abu Zaid, who defended the old traditional grammatical rules; and the work of Dr. Muhammad Al-Auraghi, who criticized the old grammatical methodology and defended the approach adopted by Ibn Madaa. Following this, the lecturer expressed his opinion on these critical readings.

The floor for discussion and questions was opened at the end of the lecture. Dr. Ibrahim Sunba` began by posing some questions about certain texts in the books of some grammarians that were criticized by Ibn Madaa, which the lecturer briefly answered. Next, Dr. Nu`man Buqarah spoke, praising the lecture and commenting on some of its topics, including the importance of critical readings in Arabic grammar. After him, Dr. Lotfi Dibaish commended the lecture and commented on some of its topics, including the historical context of the Andalusian grammar versus the Oriental grammar. Finally, Dr. Sami Sulaiman talked about some aspects of the lecture and the critical reading of Dr. Nasser Hamid Abu Zaid, defending it as being an interpretive critical analysis of the book, "Al-Radd `Ala Al-Nuhah".