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Qunfudah University College Participates in a Campaign

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Added on - 2016/10/15  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/10/15

To put the society partnership between the Qunfudah University College and community into effect, under the auspices of the College Dean, Dr. Hashim Ahmed Alsamadani and the Health Directorate Affairs, the College, female division, took part in the Breast Cancer Danger Awareness campaign, held for tow running days. In the first day under the auspices of the Qunfudah Governorate, Mr. Fada Albaqmi, qunfudah Health Affairs Directorate opened the “Rosy October” campaign. It aims at raising awareness about the breast cancer danger 2016. Present were the director of the Health Affairs Directorate, the University College Dean, Dr. Mohammed Alhazimi; the College Vice Dean and a number of officials and governorate’s residents. It took place on Monday, October 10th, 2016.

It is mentionable that the College, female division, took part with many corners meant for raising awareness about the breast cancer danger, the importance of early detection and ways of treatment. The campaign was organized under the theme “You Are Life ... Examine and Assure Us”. In addition to this, a group of contests were held of which are the “handicrafts unit” involved making the campaign’s emblem with diverse materials, photography unit and Shooting short-length movies. And winners were awarded valuable prizes.

On Tuesday, October 11th, 2016, as part of the awareness campaign, the Health Affairs Directorate conducted an awareness-raising, educational lecture about the disease and ways of early detection. The lecture was supervised and coordinated by the University College Vice Dean; Dr. Nuwairah Bajair and the University Development and Society Service Vice Dean’ Mrs. Majadah Farhan. Likewise, the College vice deanships: Female Student Affairs Vice Deanship; Dr. Sheriefah Alhazimi, the Educational Affairs Vice Deanship; Mr. Huda Almohamadi and Postgraduate Studies Vice Deanship; A’aa’ashah Almarhabi and the deputy heads of the departments participated in the campaign. Not only that, but also present were the administrative, supervisory and educational cadres and a number of female students.

Similarly, the College’s scientific departments took part with an exhibit made up of orientation corners about such a campaign, depicting the theme of the campaign, distributing scientific pamphlets about the disease and ways of prevention and the importance of educating about that.    

Drawing the campaign to a close, appreciation certificates were awarded to the medical team for the efforts made in terms of spreading awareness among female students. Also, the Health Affairs Directorate dedicated shields and thanks and appreciation certificates to those participated in this campaign.