Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Success of the Live Broadcasting Test of the Joint Course with the University of Texas

May Allah be praised; the live stream test between the Business Administration College and the Texas A& M University has succeeded.

The test took place under the direction of the Business Administration College Dean, Dr.Sultan Albaqmi; and followed by the Educational Affairs Vice Dean, Dr. Ahmed Alqarni; the Ruba’a Zakhir-based University Studies Dean, Dr. Salwa Almohamdi and female students’ division Business Administration Vice Dean, Dr. Suzan Wazan. It was technically supported by the E-learning and Long Distance Education Vice Deanship for the Educational Aids and Technologies Center Affairs, Dr. Hatem Nitu.

Present at the test Dr. Yusri Nabil, course lecturer at the Business Administration College; Mr. Abdullah Alzahrani, the technical communication coordinator for the educational project and teaching assistant at the College; Mr. Ahmed ibn Afif of the University Educational Aids Center; Mr. Sultan Alansari of the College Technical Support Unit of the male division in Ala’abidiah; engineer Nagat Drar of the Ruba’a Zakhir-based female students division and Ms. Fatma Alzahrani, manager of the female students division College Vice Dean office.  As regards the American attendance, present were Dr. Angela Durku, the subject lecturer; and Mr. Sultan Alharbi a scholar of the Tourism and Hospitality Department at the Texas A& M University.

Some of the technical issues have been overcome in terms of broadcasting for three different headquarters: Ruba’a Zakhir-based Business Administration College –female students, Texas A& M University and Alabidiah-based.

The transmission has succeeded, and the two American engineers have expressed their satisfaction about the quality of transmission and its success compared to many other countries.

The TV interview made with Dr. Angela touched upon what the Saudi students have achieved in the subject. And she expressed its admiration about the remarkable success the Saudi students made, adding that they outdid some of their American counterparts in terms of implementing tourism program. She also admired the Saudi students’ enthusiasm for the subject.  

The joint lecture agenda has been outlined as following:

  • - At the beginning, Dr. Ahmed Alqarni, the Educational Affairs vice dean, welcome them.
  • Dr. Suzan Abdulqadir Wazan, female students College vice dean, gives a welcome speech.
  • Dr. Angela Durku delivers speech about her university, subject and her advice for the students
  • Dr. Yusri Nabil gives speech about the subject and discussion and advice for the American and Saudi students.
  • American students make their questions
  • Saudi students make their questions
  • Conclusion   

The joint discussion of the subject is resumed throughout the semester between the subject lecturers and students.