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Students of Prince Sultan School Visit Qunfudhah University College

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Added on - 2016/04/12  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/04/12

Under the auspices of Dr. Hashem bin Ahmed Al-Samdani, the Dean of the University College in Qunfudhah, a program was organized on Monday, 04 Rajab, 1437 for the third secondary year students of Prince Sultan bin Abdelaziz School in Al-Saffah.

Students were received and welcomed by the Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs, Dr. Hussein bin Dhaifallah Al-Malki on behalf of the Collee Dean.

Dr. Khaled Morsi and Dr. Abdelsalam Dhahri accompanied students in a tour that included the chemistry, physics and biology laboratories, the library, the halls and the sports facilities at the college.

Afterwards, Dr. Mastour Al-Faqih, the Vide-Dean of Students’ Affairs, met the students and instructed them about the activities and services offered by the College. All students head afterwards to the theater where the Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs made a visual presentation on the rank and history of Umm- Al-Qura University, its colleges, and the scientific and non-scientific specializations. The focus was on the University College in Qunfudhah, the specializations it offers and the possible areas of employment. Students then asked questions, and answers were accordingly provided in an interactive atmosphere.

At the end, Mr. Mohamed Al-Sahbi, the students’ advisor, delivered thanks and words of appreciation to the College Deanship for welcoming secondary school students and letting them know more about the college with its majors. Photos were taken in commemoration of the visit.