Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Laboratory Students Organize Parasites Exhibition

Important News
- 2018/09/19

The Exhibition on the “Parasites” subject was organized by the third-year laboratory medicine students. The exhibition aimed to present the scientific material in an interesting and attractive way through various artistic works.

The event, which reflected the creative energy of students, was inaugurated and hailed by Dr. Ayman bin Abdurrahim As-Sa’egh, Dean of the College. In addition, it was evident that such events were significant as they broke the stereotype of scientific material and brought students closer to the concepts of study. Therefore, this would contribute to improving the academic level and refining the creative energy of students.   

It is worth mentioning that the exhibition was supervised by professors of the “Parasites” subject at the department: Prof. Amr Abdulfattah, Prof. Raafat Hassanein and Dr. Muhammad Al-Kurby.