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Educational Guidance Club in Al-Qunfudah Holds Number of Educational Activities

General News - Male Section
Added on - 2018/04/09  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/04/09

Under the patronage of Al-Qunfudah University College, the support of Vice Deanship for Female Students Affairs, and the supervision of the Vice Deanship’s Educational Guidance Club; a number of distinguished educational and awareness activities were held on Sunday and Monday, 22-23/07/1439 AH. They are as follows:

1- (A Story of Global Achievement with a Saudi Vision) exhibition was organized by the educational diploma’s female students and under the supervision of Dr. Amany Al- Shouybi, professor at the Department of Curricula. It included ten different corners in the College’s fields for the female students' projects; most of them were artistic and aesthetic, whereas the achievements were designed by the students in a very sophisticated way and attractive thinking.

2- An awareness lecture on the cybercrimes (When Technology Becomes a Means of Crime) that was delivered by Dr. Safia Adakkal, professor at the Department of Curricula and Teaching Methods, at the college theater.  It included a presentation about the types of crimes and their legal penalties. The female students participated in it and they distributed artistic publications and awareness leaflets.

3- The event (Globalization and Values of the Contemporary Saudi Society) was presented by Ms. Mariam Al-Sahbi, and the female students participated in it. It included a wonderful visual presentation on the culture of Saudi society, its customs and the impact of globalization.

4- The workshop (Field Education: Experiences & Pros and Cons) was presented by Dr. Umm Al-Zein Badawi, assistant professor of management and planning. The diploma’s female students participated in the workshop, which included an explanation of their experiences in a creative and distinguished way; aiming at benefiting the female students to avoid the negatives during the future field training.

5- A lecture under the title of (Created People in Good Manners) was delivered by Dr. Rabia Al-Mubarak at the college, in which he talked about the proper treatment and its impact on the social relations, and following Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Best of Creation. The events were attended by the College's vice deans, the Department of Education’s staff and a large number of female students. At the end of the events, Dr. Sherifah Al-Hazmi, vice dean of the Female Students Affairs, extended thanks to the members and students for the outstanding effort and useful activities; praying to Allah to bless their efforts in order to serve and educate the female students.