Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Defense of Master’s Thesis by Abed Attia-Allah Al-Mazmoumi

Announcement ,
- 2018/03/12

The College of Education announces that Abed Attia-Allah Al-Mazmoumi, a student, will present the defense of his Master’s thesis entitled “Values of Integrity in the Holy Quran & Family’s Role in their Promotion among Sons and Daughters” (قيم النزاهة في القرآن الكريم ودور الأسرة في تنميتها لدى الأبناء). The defense will be presented on Sunday, 01/07/1439 AH, directly Maghreb (evening) prayers, at Hall 113, College of Education.

The panel consists of Dr. Awad Ali Yahya Al-Sariee, rapporteur; Prof. Hamad Murdi Al-Kalthem, examiner; and Prof. Fareed Ali Yahya Al-Ghamdi, examiner.