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Vice Presidency for Community Services Participates in Student Guiding Forum in Al-Qunfudah

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Added on - 2018/02/22  |  اخر تعديل - 2020/02/03



According to the directives of Dr. Yassin bin Abdullah Al-Zubeidi, dean of Al-Qunfudah University College, to increase the community participation of the college, and in cooperation with the college's Art Education Department, the Vice Presidency for Community Service took part in the first Guiding Forum in Al-Qunfudah. Its participation represented in organizing an exhibition for the art work, which was considered important part in the forum. It showcases some of the Art Education Department's work; including drawing, photographs, metal works, and pottery works. It attracted a  large turnout of the forum's visitors.

The participants, faculty members and students of the Art Education Department, were honored.