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(Drugs: Damage & Prevention) by Qunfudha University College Vice-Deanship

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Added on - 2017/12/17  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/12/17

In the presence of Dr. Yaseen bin Abdullah Al-Zubaidy, Dean of the University College in Qunfudha, the Vice-Deanship of the College for Community Service organized a symposium titled, “Drugs: Damage & Prevention” on Sunday, 29th Rabie I 1439H at the College Theatre.   

The symposium was started with a welcome speech by Dr. Ali bin Massoud Al-Isa, Vice-Dean for Community Service. Dr. Al-Isa explained the significance of the seminar’s topic. He talked about the efforts exerted and the large amounts of money spent by the country and the governors to combat the spread of drugs among young people. He added that it was necessary to raise awareness against the risks of drugs and combat their spread among university students. Moreover, he introduced the speakers in the event and praised the distinctive student presence.   

Within the same framework, the symposium was divided into two main themes. The first theme was titled, “The reasons for falling into the clutches of addiction and drugs,” and explained by Captain/ Saleh bin Ma’youdh Al-Harethy, Operations Manager at Qunfudha Drugs Directorate. Then, the second theme was titled, “Drug damage and treatment methods,” and explained by Sergeant/ Abdurrahman bin Mubarak Al-Zahrany, Psychologist. In addition to that, the event included the treatment programs provided by the Operations Division at the Drugs Directorate and ways of cooperation against drugs to treat addicts.

In the same context, the event was attended by Dr. Muhammad Al-Hazemy (Vice-Dean of the University College in Qunfudha), Dr. Mastour Al-Faquih (Vice-Dean for Student Affairs) and Dr. Saleh Al-Zahrany (Vice-Dean for Quality and Academic Accreditation).  Besides, it witnessed the positive interaction and queries by staff members. In addition, it included proposals to enhance the partnership between the College and such bodies, due to the significance of combatting drugs among young people. Promises also were made to repeat such awareness programs, to meet the needs of students.