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Training the Female Employees of the College of Education on the Evacuation Plan During Crises

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Added on - 2021/08/12  |  اخر تعديل - 2021/08/12

Under the leadership of the Vice Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Busaina Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, and with the participation of the Safety Team led by Ms. Hailah Saleh Al-Saidi, the female employees of the college were trained on the duties they should carry out during crises in relation to the building evacuation plan. This training took place (all praise be to Allah) on Wednesday, 3 Muharram 1443 A.H. During the training, the female employees learnt about the location of the electric current and how to cut off electricity when the need arises (Allah forbid), and they were also shown the positions of the emergency exits. In addition, the female employees were introduced to the female students' crowding plan on each floor of the building, learnt about their duties, the assembly points, and how to deal with critical cases, and were told the locations of the sites where the warning system is launched and how to use the fire-fighting equipment (extinguishers).

The female employees acknowledged their responsibility towards the university community, appreciated the duties entrusted to them, and expressed their strong wish to cooperate with each other. In addition, they stated that this training would contribute to reducing panic during emergencies and would help them manage crises properly (Allah willing).