Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/05/16

To keep pace with huge development witnessed in the University of Umm Al-Qura (UQU) and in line with its strategic plan, the Operation and Maintenance Department has been annexed to the General Department of Services and Facilities, thus turning it to become one of the largest departments of UQU with many tasks and responsibilities assigned to it.  

The Department is playing a significant role, and undertaking various responsibilities in all parts of the university. It is also seeking to provide all means of comfort, safety, and wellbeing for  the university honored students and affiliates using the latest tools and mechanisms. 



The Department of Maintenance and Operation endeavors to improve  the quality of maintenance and operation services, in a manner reflecting university reality and concern attached to its affiliates.  



  • Supervising preparation of preventive and emergency maintenance plans and implementing them.
  • Implementing proper and effective modern technologies and systems in the maintenance and operation of buildings and facilities of university cities and affiliating locations.
  • Preparing and implementing necessary programs for maintaining facilities.  
  • Preparing maintenance contracts for the facilities and supervising their implementation.
  • Supervising maintenance of green spaces and areas planted for the beautification of the university internal and external facilities.
  • Supervising works of the buildings renovation. 
  • Supervising maintenance of elevators and escalators.
  • Assessing performance of the affiliating departments, divisions and staff of the Facilities General Department. 
  • Setting up and applying corrective and preventive measures for the cases of non-conformity, violations, and negative practices. 
  • Conducting a weekly evaluation about clients satisfaction and the efficient completion of work.
  • Preparing regular reports about works of the departments and affiliating divisions.



·Excellence: Our main objective is to exert all efforts for achieving excellence. We are committed to maintaining our position as a distinguished center in providing necessary services for the university. Such commitment is set forth clearly in the university mission and achieved through our competent employees and engineering staff, and our keenness to keep our staff continuing their work in the future, boost their performance and giving them the needed support to undertake tasks assigned to them, besides continuous improvement of the quality of services provided for students and faculty members.     

·Services:Our main target to which we are exerting tireless efforts is to provide necessary services of high efficiency for the students and faculty member to meet their requirements in this regard.

·Teamwork: We are attaching our appreciation to all university affiliates for their enjoyed knowledge and skills, and their contribution and commitment  to this collective effort. We do believe that teamwork is one of the basic elements in achieving the university mission.  

·Respect: the networking between employees, the current relation between them, and their interaction with faculty members, is taking place within a framework of mutual respect and trust.