Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Tasks of the Department

- 2016/05/16

Renovation Dept: 

Periodic inspection and renovation of buildings    
Tasks: Consultancy Office 

Utilities Maintenance Dept:  

Periodic Maintenance of the branches  
Tasks: Maintenance of the branches and premises 

Executive Centers:  

Responsible for the executive works  
Tasks: Executive Center of Abidia, Al-Zahir, and Azizia

General Services Dept:  

Supervision of cleaning and agriculture contract
Tasks: Responsible for public cleaning, agriculture, nurseries, and collection

Mechanical Dept:

Supervision of air conditioning, cooling and vehicles maintenance
Tasks: Periodic maintenance of cooling, air conditioning, stations, vehicles and equipment    

Safety and Sustainability Dept:

Supervision of elevators and safety and sustainability contract
Tasks: Safety, Sustainability, and elevators Maintenance Unit 

Support Services Dept:

Supervision of educational systems and communication
Tasks: Maintenance and Support of Medical labs, educational studios, Faxes, copying machines, telephone exchange and communication equipment.   

Administrative Dept:

Responsible for the administrative and internal affairs
Tasks: Human resources, Financial Affairs, Administrative Affairs, Warehouses and Traffic