Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Message from the General Director

- 2019/02/20

Dignity of the Place

Holiness of the Service


May Allah be praised; the Medical University Center enjoys a great support and interest from the respectable University administration throughout the development and modernization stages which included many medical and administrative sections. This goes with the strategy of development and modernization all the University’s facilities witnessed.        

Still, the Center delivers its therapeutic and preventive services through medical, specialized clinics and sections for medical supporting services such as laboratory, Radiology and pharmacy, supervised by a select of    highly qualified, experienced physicians and specialists. Drawing on the available capabilities and according to the health service quality standards, the Center works on advancing the level of performance and gaining the satisfaction of those benefiting from the medical services provided for them. Further, the Center holds to the modernization and development plan in agreement with the scientific and medical progress which the Kingdom, a key member of the World Health Organization (WHO), witnesses.

We similarly pray Allah, the Almighty, to guide our governors for the Kingdom’s prosperity. And, we wish that Allah would support us to fulfill our objectives according to the aspirations of the University President and the directives of the University Vice-deanship meant for elevating the country and improving the University staff’s health and those having the right to receive treatment at the Medical University Center.

   General Director of the Medical University Center  

     Dr. Yasser bin Hassan Bahakim