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Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/05/22

The establishment of the Social Work Department was approved in 1405. The course of the department consisted of (145) credits, to be handled during eight semesters (levels) to get a bachelor's degree in Social Work. Of these units; (33) are dedicated to the requirements of the college and general preparation, and (112) units to the requirements of specialization. In Muharram, 1424, within the framework of the efforts exerted to improve the academic program, the Social Work Department formed a committee of faculty members to carry out the tasks required to develop the bachelor’s program in Social Work Department, in accordance with the following rationales to make changes in the bachelor’s plan:

1- To keep pace with the general trend in the university to reconsider the number of units required to graduate in theoretical disciplines, as it is preferred to be about (130) units, as much as possible, so as to reduce the burden on the students and the faculty members and to avoid redundancy in the contents of the courses.

2- To keep abreast of the developments in the field of the rapid social change, and the resulting ongoing and growing community problems and needs and reflections on all aspects of social life which requires a professional guidance based on the best scientific findings in the field of social work.

3- The requirements of the need for periodic follow-up for the academic development of the program of study in the department due to the emergence of new publications and trends in the field, to make use of them to enhance the influence of the program.

In Jumada I, 1425, the respected University Council, at its sixth session held in 05/05/1425 A.H, approved the bachelor's program in social work, after being revised and developed by the department, in accordance with the scientific, practical and social developments on the local and global level. It is program which is followed till present.