Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/06/07

On the inception of Umm al-Qura University (UQU) in 1401H, there used to be a committee for promotions. Aside from managing promotions of the faculty members, and issuing promotion recommendations, the committee was assigned to consider all issues referred to it (those related to the faculty members, their commencement, secondment, etc.) This used to be the case until the first UQU Academic Council was formed in 1405H.


In 1415H, the Academic Councils Regulation was issued, as part of the bylaw of the Higher Education and Universities Council Law, still effective to date.



To maintain creativity in the educational and research processes, organize academic affairs for faculty members and those equivalent to them, and cling to the principle of justice as provided by the applicable laws and regulations.



To lead the UQU faculty members in a distinctive manner, in terms of academics and research, with a view to achieving the excellence of knowledge for the university at the international level. 



  1. To achieve justice and equality among the UQU faculty members and those equivalent to them;
  2. To reinforce the university with distinctive academic cadres;
  3. To encourage scientific research, writing, publishing and translation;
  4. To maintain precision and high-quality performance;
  5. To promulgate the culture of discipline, and promote awareness of laws and regulations;
  6. To develop the executive and procedural rules that would promote scientific research, and improve the faculty members’ academic affairs;
  7. To provide high-quality services for the faculty members, and those equivalent to them;
  8. To develop a system for integrated future work, by means of documenting the council’s work and processes in the form of unified action guides, procedural policies and detailed forms for the benefit of beneficiaries;
  9. To foster cooperation and build partnerships with the academic councils of other universities; and
  10. Build a database for the UQU Academic Council.